Free Infant CST Clinic

Craniosacral Children's Collective's Free Infant Clinic

 Thank you for your interest in receiving Craniosacral for your little one.  Our Collective gives these sessions as a service to the community. We give care in groups of two therapists ( as the schedule allows ). After our time treating babies, we give case presentations as a way to learn from each other and better ourselves as practitioners. We are all trained and experienced with working with babies and have licenses in our respective credentialing bodies. We give our time to serve you, your baby, and our profession.  If you feel called to give a donation, we will use it to feed practitioners lunch during our case presentations and toward promotional materials.

We are osteopaths, chiropractors, craniosacral therapists, doulas, midwives, massage therapists and nurses that do this work for a living. We chose to give this service as a way to broaden accessibility to those in need.

Please send me an email expressing your interest in participating and we will email the particulars withing 24-48 hrs., Please note,this clinic is run on volunteers' time and our response time may vary slightly.  We are currently accepting infants 12 mo. or younger.  Once you are qualified to participate, expect a response one week prior to the clinic date.  You are only registered if you receive an email back during that week.  We will send an email with details, instructions, and directions a few days before the clinic takes place.   Email inquiries to Krissy Mays

Sessions are 50 minutes and by appointment.   

Please leave other children with another adult.

Location: Grand Junction area. TBD

Next Clinic Date: TBD


Craniosacral Therapy in Grand Junction

Breastfeeding Difficulties

  • Latching difficulties
  • Tongue-tie (pre & post surgery)

Difficult Birth

  •  Babies who experienced a fast, long or difficult birth 
  •  Babies that had any form of intervention during birth, including C-section, vacuum extraction, forceps 

Misshapen Head

  •  Babies with bumps or ridges on their head, flat side or back of the head (plagiocephaly or brachyocephaly) 
  •  Torticollis, favoring turning head to one side 

Digestive Issues

  Any kind of digestive issue, spitting up, reflux, constipation, gas, colic, ect… 

 Babies who tend to arch their backs when often or when upset or breastfeeding 


  •  Babies who have experienced emotional trauma or have sleep difficulties 
  •  Babies that just seem to feel uncomfortable in their bodies