Craniosacral Therapy along with integrated bodywork can be very beneficial during pregnancy.  CST can help to release soft-tissue restrictions in the body's system, particularly around the sacrum and pelvis.  Additionally, old injuries from surgeries or other pelvic issues can be resolved, ultimately setting the body up for it's most optimum birthing experience.   The Bodywork I utilize usually encompasses a variety of manual techniques to help reduce the pain and stress in both the body and mind.

I strongly recommend the second-trimester being best time to start the healing work. 


This work addresses postpartum symptoms, birth trauma, pelvic pain, fertility, pregnancy loss, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse history, and sexual health. 

Womb Healing incorporates abdominal massage, Craniosacral Therapy, manual lymphatic drainage and gentle visceral manipulation, restoring the body to it's natural balance, thus supporting the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi energy. This brings health and restoration on the physical level, treating menstrual imbalances, infertility, reproductive health challenges, digestive issues, and pain, while also supporting health on the emotional and energetic levels. This work can be especially supportive when healing from pregnancy loss, abortion, stillbirth and birth trauma. 


 Postpartum craniosacral therapy and birth integration sessions can help you heal and integrate your birth experience, assist with breastfeeding challenges, and support infant attachment and bonding. Receiving support is especially key for healing from challenging births, complications, and trauma to more fully experience the feelings of love, bonding, and attachment.  


 often in these sessions, babies are supported to show their experience of their birth process to their parents with a sense of spaciousness and support so that they can safely feel their feelings, unwind any traums, and begin to re-pattern their experience to find that natural impulse underneath any layers of interventions, trauma, or challenges that may have occurred.  Sessions may be done with baby skin to skin on mom to facilitate a dual treatment for mom and baby.

If you are nursing or struggling to nurse we can easily integrate this into the sessions, (learn more about this under babies and children link.)

 With guided support the journey to the breast unfolds as a natural therapeutic process for integrating the birth story, nursing, and allowing for optimal bonding and attachment.  This is absolutely beautiful to experience.